Tuesday, June 14, 2011

WOW there was a lot of interest!

The final eBay price was $1,575.00, not bad for an old piece of junk that might still one day fly!

Post Auction Update: there's always a risk in accepting bids from first-time buyers and this one never paid:

So the takehome rule here is don't trust ebay buyer Kaylajenkinskayla15

But I have to THANK the flaky Kaylajenkinskayla15 for not completing the purchase because someone else came along after the auction was over and said he had tried to bid but had a problem with ebay and would I sell it to him for $1700. There is a God.

He's picked it up and hauled it home and if he ever gets it flying again I hope to post some pictures of it. Good luck to you sir.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Teeter Bar Found!

This very important part of the aircraft was missing and unknown to me when I posted the auction but thanks to a knowledgeable eBayer who described it to me, I went looking for it and found it. The rotor blades bolt to it and are supported by it during operation. It is made of machined aluminum and as you can see it has a heavy layer of surface corrosion but appears otherwise structurally sound. The red arrow points to the edge of the deepest machining of the otherwise flat bar to make a beveled surface. This bevel imparts an angle to the rotor blades when they are bolted to it so that they have the proper aerodynamic characteristics for flight. It's a good thing I found this as it is a very important piece of the aircraft (thx Rick!).

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Engine ID Details

This engine is a Subaru EA81

Engine Closeups

360 Degrees of View


The tail was damaged in a minor collision with a car that rear-ended the trailer.

Rotor blades stored in boat, mostly aluminum but with rusted steel hub attachment points. Don't even think about using these without having them professionally examined and tested for strength and structural integrity.


Click on the screenshot image to enlarge it and take note of the bottom line: don't expect to survive teaching yourself. My father was a test pilot and capable of doing so but you are almost certainly going to need instruction if you don't already know how to fly one of these things.